About Us

It all started at the bottom…

When I had my daughter, I wanted to use cloth diapers for her.  But there seemed to be so much to it.  All in ones, covers, pockets? Flats, fitteds, prefolds?  And then there’s prepping, washing, stripping, sanitizing… It all seemed like a lot to take in.  I wanted to walk in to a store where I could compare brands, and talk to someone with experience and advice that could guide me though it all.  Someone to help me choose the best solution for me.

There was nothing like that in the Orlando area, so I created it instead!  I was fortunate enough to enjoy lots of additional natural-minded practices with my daughter, including babywearing, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, elimination communication, play-encouraging toys, amber teething necklaces and more!  I also found a parenting group early on that changed my life through support, information, and lifelong friendships.

My goal is to enable this wonderful parenting experience for other families.  Here, you will find items to raise children in an earth-conscious and natural way.  We offer workshops to learn about these practices and put them in use in your daily life.  And we host parenting groups to meet like-minded people in the community.

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