Charcoal Inserts Set by Lil Helper Diapers


Our charcoal inserts can hold upwards of 180 ml of moisture and still feel dry.The ideal choice for an overnight or napping diaper insert and/or to prevent/heal diaper rashes. The dark colour hides stains. Fits all other Lil Helper Diapers.

  • 2 inserts per set- 1 small, 1 large
  • Each insert has 4 layers- 2 outer charcoal cloth layer and 2 inner micro-terry layers
  • All Lil Helper inserts are interchangeable with all Lil Helper diaper shells
  • Inserts snap into place, staying put with even the squirmiest of babies



To remedy a diaper rash, pediatricians recommend to air-out your child’s bum and to keep it dry. Our charcoal fabric keeps your baby feeling complete even after a full night of use. This stay-dry ability makes Lil Helper’s Charcoal Cloth Diaper ideal for use during a diaper rash and for preventing further breakouts.

Most parents use it as a nap or night-time diaper.

The Mayo Clinic says that: “diaper rash is commonly linked to continuously wet or infrequently changed diapers, diarrhea, and using plastic pants to cover diapers.”

All of these issues surrounding irritant diaper dermatitis (IDD) or diaper rash can be prevented by using our Charcoal Cloth Diaper.

Here’s how:

KEEPS YOUR BABY FEELING DRY: The charcoal inserts can hold more than 180 ml of liquid and the great part is that your child still feels dry. Keeping your child’s skin dry is the best way to remedy diaper rashes — charcoal’s wicking ability lets you do just that.
LETS YOU AIR-OUT YOUR BABY: Most pediatricians suggest that it is best to let your baby go commando or without a diaper to remedy a diaper rash. Our Charcoal Cloth diaper is the next-best-thing to this.
ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR RASH CREAMS: Rash prevention creams are supposed to create a water barrier to keep your baby’s skin dry. But before application, if your baby’s skin is not thoroughly dry, you could worsen the rash by trapping moisture on your child’s bum.

You do not need any rash cream while using our charcoal cloth diapers. Our materials will keep your baby dry and well ventilated without subjecting your child’s delicate skin to additional chemicals.


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