Organic Unbleached Flat Cotton Diapers by OsoCozy 6 pack


Single-layer organic unbleached cotton flat diapers are great quality and versatile to use.


These are what you traditionally may think of when you think of cloth diapers.  Old-fashioned flats can be folded to give a trimmer fit to your baby’s unique size and shape.  Or they can be easily folded in quarters and thirds to make a simple and absorbent insert.  They are affordable, easy to wash, and can be very easy to use.

CHOOSE FLAT CLOTH DIAPERS IF: You’re looking for an inexpensive option that washes easy and sun dries quickly. Can be pinned or folded insert style into diaper covers. Also good for hand washing situations and emergency preparedness.

OsoCozy Flat diapers are all 100% cotton and 1 layer thick. Our diapers are generally thicker, softer and more absorbent than other branded flat diapers typically found in chain stores.


Not sure which diaper is right for you? Contact us to set up a consultation! We’re happy to help, it’s kind of our thing.

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