Diaper Pail Liner by Buttons Diapers


Our diaper pail liner is made of the same soft, durable, waterproof PUL as our diaper covers.  It has a draw-string closure, has a 3D shape to fit more diapers, and will fit inside just about any diaper pail. To use: place liner inside your pail and cinch the elastic drawstring with the toggle snugly to fit around the rim of your pail.Size: 26″ tall, 16″ diameter.


These pail liners will be the perfect holding spot for your dirty diapers.  Pop one of these liners on a pail and toss the diapers in.  When it’s time for laundry, empty the liner into your washing machine and toss it in too!  Completely washable, it will come out clean and ready for the next round!


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