Bamboo Cloth Diaper Wipes by Lil Helper


These super-soft washable wipes are not just perfect for cleaning diaper messes.  They are great for mealtime, bath time, and any clean up you may encounter along your parenting way.  Not to mention that they help reduce waste from all those diaper wipes.


This new style of cloth wipe from Lil Helper has two layers. The top layer is the same bamboo material (80% cotton bamboo 20% polyester)  found on their bamboo inserts. The bottom layer is the same material as the soft micro fleece found inside their cloth diaper shells. If you are familiar with Lil Helper products, these are materials you know and love. Most importantly, both sides are super soft and perfect for baby’s bum!

1. Washcloths (especially great for sensitive newborn skin): Terry cloth can be too rough for sensitive skin. The bamboo cotton and fleece we use offer a softer, gentler experience.

2. Stash em in the diaper bag: Kids are messy. Boogers, muddy puddles, a melty snack – any of these messy mishaps can happen anywhere. You never know when a sturdy cloth wipe (or 5) will come in handy. So stash some in the diaper bag for messy emergencies!

3. Tuck them behind/under/beside the high chair:  Learning to eat is a VERY sloppy process. And if you use paper towel or wet wipes to clean up, it can be an expensive one too! Having a few cloth wipes nearby during mealtimes will make for easy & cost-efficient cleanup. Or, you could just get a dog…

4. Treat yo self!: I have a confession to make. I, Kate, Social Media Manager & blogger for Lil Helper cloth diapers, hoard Lil Helper cloth wipes… for myself. Yes. It’s true. I have a stash of wipes in my drawer in the bathroom that I use for face cloths. Sometimes I use them when washing/exfoliating my face but most of the time I use them to remove makeup. Your face will thank you and remember, it’s always important to…

5. Give them to friends: Whether your friends are interested in cloth diapering or not, cloth wipes are so versatile that they make a fantastic gift! Baby showers, 1st birthdays, 21st birthdays, 60th wedding anniversaries… or even when you see a parent who forgot wipes in a messy situation at the park.

6. Dishcloths: Cloth wipes are perfect for cleaning delicate dishes like wine glasses & china. Soft bamboo means no micro scratches or streaks.

7. Clean your glasses/screens: Having trouble reading this blog post? Yeeeah… you might need to give your glasses or screens a good wipe down. Lil Helper cloth wipes don’t get fuzzy so you can clean your glasses & screens without leaving any fibres behind!

8. Dust those shelves… yes… the top ones, too!: Add a little water get to dusting! The damp bamboo and fleece picks up dust and dirt easily. Just make sure you don’t forget the top shelves (I always do…)

9. Set up a baby doll changing station: If you have a child that LOVES taking care of their baby doll, they will go bananas if you set up a proper diaper changing station for them complete with cloth diapers & cloth wipes. When it’s time to potty train, add a mini potty in the mix too!

10. Family cloth: What is family cloth? Family Cloth = Reusable Toilet Paper. Family cloth is a fantastic way to save money & the planet – just like cloth diapers!


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